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Hayley Bishop-Wylie, Owner & Creator

 Hayley had her first dog aged 4, a Collie called Tess. Being the only child growing up in a rural cottage with lots of land left Hayley with countless hours of fun playing with Tess. Since that time, she’s always had at least one dog in her life - at one point there were 6 dogs in her family home! It’s safe to say that Hayley’s love for dogs was rooted in her very early years. A love and passion she still lives by to this day. Hayley attended a Fashion Design course at Hinckley college when she was 16 and went on to study her degree at Coventry University. Since leaving her academic studies, Hayley has spent her time perfecting and extending her product ranges, website design and regularly adds new items every few months that she thinks will be of interest to her customers. She spends her weekends going on extra long walks with her husband Kev and their dog, Zelda, searching out new adventures along the way. She can be found goggling over the latest fabrics available on the market and thinking up new and practical items she can make for her loyal fans and followers. She’s recently taken up a passion for baking after attending a bread making day and can be found perfecting her homemade breads and bagels.

Zelda, Products Tester & Stress Reliever

Zelda (find her @zelda_to_the_rescue on Instagram, follow immediately!) joined us in the summer of 2018 and took up the role of stress reliever. She’s an adorable Romanian rescue pup. We think she’s got a bit of Collie in her and probably several other breeds too! She offers our Facebook and Instagram some cuteness overload and her motto is “adopt, don’t shop!” She wears her Bobbin&Bagel harness everyday on her walks.

 Favourite fabric: Meadow

Favourite food: Vanilla cookies or groats (she couldn’t pick one!)

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Bobbin&Bagel is a small business specialising in creating pet accessories which includes dog collars such as our standard clip collars, half check collars, extra wide (1.5”) collars for sighthounds and reducing martingale collars.

For people who prefer a harness we of course offer these extra secure products/walking options for your dog. Our harnesses are great because they allow for full freedom of movement and don’t get in the way of moving legs and shoulders! If your dog is a known puller (or tractor as we call them!) then perhaps check out our harnesses as they should take a bit of the pressure off your dog’s neck.

Along with their matching essentials such as leads of various lengths (please contact us if you don’t see your desired length as we create custom lengths) and if the mood takes you, we also offer matching bow ties and bandanas which always bring a smile to the family, your pet will look so cute!

Don’t leave the cat out of the fun so be sure to check out our range of cat collars for your feline friends.

It’s also worth mentioning that if you require a different size of any items it’s definitely worth asking because as everything is made in-house, we can take your requests. It only takes a quick message and we respond fast, we promise!

If you’re anything like us, you’ll need a nifty way to store all your dog’s collars and leads. That’s why we designed our dog lead hooks which are wooden plaques complete with your breed silhouette (OMG!!) and your pup’s name and a heart or paw print and a chrome double hook. Hang them on your entrance way wall and use them to hang up your pup’s stuff in a super stylish way. Fully personalised. Smart. Stylish. Sorted!

Awesome Dog Collars, Leads, Bow Ties (& more!) in Unique Styles

We’d love to hear from you! Contact us at  bobbinandbagel@gmail.com